A Passion for Golf

Jacaranda trees behind the 18th green, Lilongwe Golf Club.

I know, golf doesn’t quite fit the theme I have explored so far, but it is one of my passions and in that respect it calls for my attention as one of the  essentials.  So much so, in fact, that I devoted another blog to that topic and I will direct you there in a little while. There is indeed more to golf than chasing a little white ball around the course by yourself or in the company of others. There is much pleasure to be derived from the beauty of a course design, the richness of its landscape, and the amazing views often unique to a specific environment. A golf course is a garden of sorts into which one could easily get lost if not called back to the reality of the next shot to be played. Ben Hogan is credited with the following quote: As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round. We all understand the metaphorical meaning of his quote, but one could also take it quite literally on many of the courses we get to play or would love to play. At Augusta National, for example, each hole is named after a flower or a flowering tree : the azalea, the camellia, the magnolia, the peach blossom etc.  When playing in Malawi, at the Lilongwe Golf Club, I was always in awe of the magnificent lavender jacaranda trees which were found all over the golf course. I had never seen anything like that before and I never tired of their sight. Later in the season,  I ran into the red jacaranda also known as the flamboyant. It took my breath away.

But to be enjoyed, golf does not always have to be played on a golf course. I once ran into a father and son playing on a beach in Senga Bay, on Lake Malawi. They had one golf stick and perhaps a dozen old golf balls between the two of them. It was obvious they had never held a golf club in their hands before but that was of no importance. Their enjoyment of the game was loud and clear. And what was there not to love : they were on a beach on fabulous lake Malawi (the third largest lake in Africa, the eight largest in the world), with a beautiful view of the lake and a gorgeous baby baobab tree in the background. An unforgettable moment

For more on my passion for golf, you are invited to visit my golf blog.


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