I’m back


I am a lapsed blogger, and that will be highly noticeable as you scroll down to my last post which dates from March 2013. At the time I was running two blogs, this one concerned mostly with my ikebana work, and another one entitled  Golf in the 70’s where I reported on all 70+ rounds of golf played the year I turned 70. I must have ran out of steam at that point in time. Not that I stopped playing golf or that I lost interest in Japanese flower arranging, on the contrary, I just suddenly stopped writing about these ongoing activities, not without regret, or guilt, but without any rhyme or reason, I went silent.

During the same two years, I have been teaching ikebana on a regular basis at the Edmonton Japanese Community Association and it has been tremendously exciting and rewarding. You can view examples of my work and that of my students on our web page also hosted on WordPress. In the last year alone I have received invitations to exhibit my arrangements and offer demonstrations at a number of Japanese cultural events taking place in Edmonton. The arrangement posted above was created in honour of his excellency the Japanese ambassador during his visit to Edmonton last August. We have just entered our third season and already I have been invited to demonstrate a few arrangements for the Hina Matsuri event this March 14th at the EJCA. This March I will also be attending some workshops in Vancouver with a visiting professor from Japan. I shall therefore have ample opportunities to contribute to this blog.


6 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. I’m glad you decided to take the blogging 101 course because it allowed me to stumble upon your site. I went to culinary school at Maui Culinary Academy and every week an ikebana group would redo all of our floral displays on campus. I was always fascinated by their beauty. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.


  2. Merci de partager des photos de tes creations, Jean-Marcel. Elles sont vraiment reposantes… elles portent à la meditation.
    Ta voisine


  3. Takes me back to our days in Vernon doing Ikebana. I loved your arrangements and enjoyed your words about the Ikebana traditions. All the best as you continue to explore this beautiful art form – fond regards — Jessie.


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