Time for other essentials!

photo shoot 2015-03-04


Today was a day of rest for participants in Blogging 101, as we were invited to visit the neighbourhood and get to know some of our fellow bloggers. The exercise wasn’t as easy as one would have expected, but nonetheless, I did manage to find a few sites I have decided to follow out of personal interest. Having accomplished that task,  I joined my wife who was doing a photoshoot along the North Saskatchewan river as part of an assignment in her photo 101 course. It was still cold out there but the meteorologists are predicting the end of Edmonton’s winter in the next few days, or few weeks, sometime, eventually… Spring, and flowers, on March 21st is nothing but a dream here. Honestly! Over the last two years, my local golf course didn’t open till the first or second week of May. So be it!

Getting back to ikebana, I have agreed to do a presentation on the spirituality of ikebana, in mid April, and had invited a musician to play the koto during our flower meditation. Unfortunately, our friend had a ski accident a couple of days ago and will not be able to use her left hand for 6 to 8 weeks, hence she will not be able to play her koto. We are both feeling sad about it but we are planning to revisit the project another time. I sought consolation on YouTube and offer you a traditional koto rendering of  Sakura.




3 thoughts on “Time for other essentials!

  1. Hi Jean-Marcel, I’m so happy to have discovered your blog thanks to Blogging 101. I love flowers and I was so tempted by this Japanese art until… I adopted a young cat last year. The problem is that he has a crush on flowers and eats them! I wonder how you got so involved in ikebana. Perhaps you have written a post about it?


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