Catching up…

Ikebana practice

We have had a very busy and exciting 4 day weekend: ikebana lessons on Thursday, on Friday, an evening of story reading by Florence Caplow, the editor of The Hidden Lamp; Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women. Saturday brought us a full day of exploration, connection and reflection on Mountains and Rivers : Zen and Nature. During the all day workshop, we had the opportunity to read, write and meditate upon a number of zen koans by women, stories that were also vividly interpreted by women zen teachers and practitioners. But just as important, we had time to examine our own relationship with nature, and when brave enough, we even got to share our personal, and at times intimate, experience with other participants. It was enriching, humbling, emotionally moving, and spiritually uplifting. Thank you Florence, and fellow participants.

Majestic Rockies

In my heart forevermore

Shall I hear your call

Thursday evening’s ikebana lesson was on shoka isshuike of either chrysanthemums or liatris; pictures of the resulting arrangements will soon be posted on the EJCA Ikebana Club‘s webpage. On Thursday afternoon we were grandparenting and the girls, aged 4 and 6 respectively, enjoyed doing arts and crafts with their Nanie, but whenever we have flowers in the house, they are quite excited to have the opportunity to practice ikebana. In the picture above they are very happy with their little free style arrangements. As ikebana teachers and grandparents, we are delighted with their continued interest in the art form.


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