EJCA’s Hina Matsuri 20015


On Saturday, March 14, the Edmonton Japanese Community Association held it’s annual Hina Matsuri celebration. The Hina Matsuri is the Dolls’ Festival also known as Girls’ Day in Japan. I have written on this subject, in detail, in a previous post, two years ago. This year, the event was expanded to include a number of activities. After visitors had had the opportunity to view the doll exhibition, they were invited to experience the tea ceremony as practiced by members of the Matsukaze Tea Ceremony Group.

Afterward the audience was entertained by members of the Awa Odori Club who performed a variety of colourful Japanese folk dances, sometimes as a group, other times in two’s or solo. Their performance was highly appreciated by all present. As this was the first time I saw the group in action, I will be looking forward to their next public appearance.


As teacher of the EJCA Ikebana Club, I gladly accepted the invitation to demonstrate Japanese flower arranging as part of this festival, but more about that tomorrow.


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