Image courtesy of Veni Vidi Zoom

Image courtesy of Veni Vidi Zoom


sitting by the pond
a monk named Senno
seeks the Buddha


5 thoughts on “Senno

  1. Interesting that I see this post today. I just came back from a presentation of a book Poetical Ikebana (not to be confused with a 1991 book The poetry of Ikebana). The new book is built around haiku poems illustrated by Ikebana arrangements. I was one of the ikebanists participating in the book so I got an early preview. And then I open my WordPress reader and here it is, a haiku with an illustration – what a coincidence 🙂 Did you write this haiku first or was the picture your inspiration?

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  2. The garden is located in Kyoto at the Rokuon-ji Buddhist Temple, known in English as The Golden Pavilion Temple. I have been to Kyoto but, as I could not locate my own photos, I used one of a world traveler and gave him credit. Just click the link under the picture.
    Thanks for visiting and the positive comment.


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