Demonstration at Animethon


Floral interpretation of fireworks.

The Summer holidays have come and gone and we had an enjoyable time travelling to Creston, British Columbia, to visit with family and friends. We had our granddaughter Ella along for the ride as part of her 11th birthday celebration which is an event often carried over a couple of weeks. At times, some family birthdays were celebrated over a whole month, just ask our grandson Mylan. Enough digression.

I had hoped to write earlier about our flower arrangements, but weeks went by without any being done. We were to attend an ikebana workshop in Saskatoon at the end of July, unfortunately, the event was cancelled at the last minute. Not to despair, we had been invited to do a demonstration during Animethon 22 which took place this past weekend. During this festival, thousands of young people come to Edmonton to celebrate the popular arts of Japan, most notably, the anime, and many come dressed as their favorite character.


Yesterday, August 9th was the last day of the event, and for the second year, we offered a demonstration of ikebana.  The free style above was one of the arrangements done for the occasion. Other arrangements have been posted on our EJCA Ikebana Club website. To have a clearer picture of that event, please visit our contribution to Animethon 2014.


8 thoughts on “Demonstration at Animethon

  1. Pour une fois, je ne sais pas ce qui est le plus surprenant, tes compositions florales ou les déguisements manga des jeunes! Très réussie l’analogie florale avec le feu d’artifice. Bon été!

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  2. Merci, j’aime bien ton commentaire. Quant aux jeunes, ils portent des centaines de costumes différents dont ils connaissent l’origine, moi pas. Parlant de surprise, je te suivais un pas par-ci, un pas par-là tout en ignorant le pseudonyme.

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  3. Oui, il arrive un moment où le gouffre entre générations s’agrandit… je ne fais pas trop dans le manga non plus. Pour le pseudo, j’ai decidé de personaliser certaines fonctionalités du blog, donc Soso mon surnom affectif pour Sonia. Un de ces jours je finirai même par retourner ma photo 😄

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