Urban Gardens


Last Friday, the very same day I wrote my Welcome to the Infinity Dream Award, Brenda and I decided to go out for an “healthy” walk, but before we reached the front door we had already planned an itinerary toward the Duchess Bakery for our first indulgence of the day: a pain au chocolat. On the way there we ran into some irresistible gardens, such as the one featured above, and Brenda started to document them on her phone. That little sign at the far right corner was the “déclencheur” and led to a series of pictures of our excursion.

On the way to Duchess, as well as on the way back home, we entered a couple of art galleries. First stop was the Bearclaw Galleryto have a look at some of  Aaron Paquette paintings. We have long admired his work and would be honoured to feature his work in our artist of the month program at Westwood Unitarian Congregation. After our coffee break we made a stop at The Daffodil Gallery, where I personally discovered the “inspirational art” of  Veronica Funk and  am excited we will be featuring one of her pieces at Westwood in November. More about these artists in future posts. Now back to our neighbourhood urban gardens.


6 thoughts on “Urban Gardens

  1. I didn’t check out the pain au chocolat, fearing I would have the same reaction as Juliette. I did check out the galleries and very much liked the young man’s art! I love the garden border you featured as well and am wondering if you are thinking of flower arrangements when you’re in gardens…


    • The pain au chocolat at Duchess always reminds us of the four years we spent in Switzerland and the Leysin village bakery. Just as good. And yes, every time I walk by a garden or in a park I imagine and build flower arrangements in my mind.

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  2. Merci! Pain au chocolate, des beaux jardins, Des galleries d’art- I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad! With apologies to The Sound of Music ) 😊


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