It felt like Spring!


Really, it did. We had gorgeous weather in Edmonton today. While our distant neighbours living along the American East Coast were hoping to dig themselves out of a couple of feet of snow dumped on them by a blizzard named Jonas, in Edmonton, which some people consider to be part of the big white North, we enjoyed a balmy 1 degree Celsius. The snow was melting, and had we been children we would have enjoyed playing in the puddles found on most sidewalks.

Balmy, of course, is a relative term, but considering that on January 24th the normal temperature would range from a low of -20 C to a high of -10 C, plus 1 C does feel balmy. Now, to put this in perspective, we will add that the record low for this day reached -43 C in 1920; the record high came in at 8 C in 1892. Yes, balmy sounds right in context.

Brenda and I went out urban poling, that is walking with poles, getting better exercise as one gets to use 90% of the big muscles walking that way. We took our usual route which takes us along the path that runs above the river alley. We couldn’t just yet take the time to smell the flowers, but we did enjoy a leisurely pace, stopping long enough to enjoy a squirrel running up and down trees, jumping from one to another. Long enough to do a bit of birding. The chickadees wouldn’t stay put long enough for a picture, but with patience and skill, Brenda was able to get a decent portrait of the Pine Siskin featured above.

Tomorrow is unlikely to be as nice, but, as the poet would say, Carpe Diem.






9 thoughts on “It felt like Spring!

  1. That would be lovely, but in Edmonton we are bound to have a few cold spell yet. In the years I have lived here, we have had some really weird weather pattern with snow in late May and in August. But this happens quite rarely, and the summer days are long and gorgeous, the sun setting down around 11 at night.


  2. Beautiful day. Here at Sandalwood Retirement Resort, I walked along Brandt’s Creek enjoying the calm weather and Mallards and Golden Eyes on the flowing water. I’m also hoping for an early spring.


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  3. Vous avez bien de la chance de profiter de ces températures si clémentes d’après tes statistiques passées. Contente de ne pas vous savoir dans une espèce de snowmaggedon! C’est donc parfait pour la marche nordique, j’ai entendu beaucoup de bien sur ce sport d’ailleurs. Tout à fait d’accord avec tes commentateurs la photo égaie encore plus ton post! Bienvenu de retour.

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